Home Automation Solutions

CCTV security camera systemsCCTV security camera systems
NetSYS work with the latest technology in security cameras and these include digital CCTV systems. Dealing with superior brands in this field, our company offers very smooth, high-quality play back recording with very good remote access. We supply security cameras to a wide range of clients, including Corporates, Malls, Airports, Ports and Customs, supermarkets and private users of CCTV systems. We can supply CCTV security to any size of organization. Above all we aim and are committed to provide security cameras which are reliable, stable and versatile.

OurCCTV system for home surveillance and commercial security includes wide range of security cameras. Our digital video recorder comes with remote viewing via internet and smartphones.


Burglar alarm systemsBurglar alarm systems
Burglar alarms are to protect homes & small businesses;we have a wide range available in the form of bells alarm or with monitoring service to alert key-holders and police. We provide both hard-wired and wireless burglar alarms. Burglar alarms are also available for home and farm securities.


Wireless security solutionsWireless security solutions
We are highly experienced with wireless security systems suitable for home protection and small business applications.


Door entry systems
Door entry systems Access control systems are available to all the Corporates to have a control over entry and exit and provide security to staffby keeping a record of who interacts with the resource during the office hours. This applies to residential buildings or groups of buildings security where a limit is required for restricted and secure entryto that particular property. The provision of computerized information centers allows only members to utilize their information, restricted to public. Such a security system can even be used in public restrooms where coins must be inserted to gain access to the facility.

Our highly qualified engineers can carry out any type of Door Entry Installation and Access Control installation. We have carried out a wide variety of installations for many Corporates, Office buildings, Residential Apartments and Blocks of flats and Private villas. The installations have included Video and Audio Door Entry Systems with Access Control as per Clients requirement.

Commercial security systems
We provide Security alarms for commercial premises, suitable for shops and offices, compatible with Redcare GSM, Dualcom GPRS which are also insurance approved. Our prime aim is to provide a solution with quality installation which lasts with best performance throughout its life cycle. We have a team of experienced technical support team who would ensure the right implementation by providing a paper design layout of the site which is elaborately discussed with the Client ensuring a long and trouble free operation. Today when most of the systems are software driven, our software engineers customize the front end to best suit the client's requirement and give them value for money.

Intercom SystemsIntercom Systems
We are experienced in providing a wide range of audio entry systems for Residential and Commercial premises featuring two way voice communications between the outdoor entrance panels and the internal handsets facilitated with electric door lock release button to open the door from the handset.


Home Automation - Best Security At Affordable Cost
With the fast development in the field, doorways for wireless home automation system are being opened in a big way.Home automation security system is a specialized field dealing with Client specific requirements of homes in the usage of easy-to-use technologies for security and comforts of the residents. Home automation includes all that a building automation provides like the climate controls, door and window controls and security etc plus additionally controlling multimedia home theaters, pet feeding, plant watering, blinds and so on.

Network IP cameras
Network IP camerasWe offer market’s widest and most consistent range of high-quality network cameras.Based on open IP standards, our IP network cameras connect to any kind of IP network, including the Internet, and thereby enable remote viewing and recording from globally anywhere in the World. We also provide advanced video analytics features, such as motion detection, audio detection and tampering alarm.



A complete portfolio for any of your Requirements:
Whether you are looking for a video surveillance solution to secure the safety of people, your staff and places, or to remotely monitor your individual property and facilities, We can meet your needs. You benefit from an extensive selection of network cameras – several with megapixel resolution – which came in different forms to fully meet your requirements:

• Fixed network cameras
• Fixed dome network cameras
• PTZ network cameras
• PTZ dome network cameras