Internet Cafe WIFI Solution and Billing




Internet Access Control and Billing for Hotels, Inns etc Our fully supported networks allow you to provide your Hotel & Resort customers with Wi-Fi access that is fast, reliable and, most importantly, easy to use. Hotels, resorts, motels and extended stay properties that provide Internet Access to their guests are rapidly becoming a destination of choice for travelers who need to stay connected to the office.  These travelers are ready and willing to pay a premium for fast, seamless connectivity to the Internet, corporate e-mail, databases and other network resources.


Hotspot Express provides the most advanced 802.11 Wi-Fi and Wired networking solutions for high-speed Internet access to hotel guests, convention center exhibitors, corporate apartment residents, special event participants and other venues where Internet access is desired. Hotspot Express enables in-room guest billing in both wired and Wi-Fi (Wireless) networks and PMS integration


Our turnkey network installations include best-of-breed equipment at a cost-effective price with flexible payment options, including leasing. This, plus our ability to service customers around the world makes Hotspot Express, the right choice for you!